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Working with The Trotec Rotary Attachment Part 4

In this lesson we will look at how to create a design on glass that will have two logos one on each side. In our last lesson we looked at how to create a design all the way around a glass. In this lesson we will look at placing an image on one side of a glass and placing a second image on the opposite side of the glass.

Create Your Logo


In this tutorial I will be using the same logo as I used before. I have brought in my eagle logo. I have made my logo 1.952 inches wide and 1 inch tall (1). Go to FILE | PRINT. This is the same job and process as part 3.

Rotate Your Image


I have rotated my image 180 degrees as my glass base needs to be placed on the left side of my rotary. The top is a the right.

Our Glass Orientation


Our Glass orientation shows that I need to have my glass rotated 180 degree as in our previous example. My base is on the left and the top of the glass is on the right.

Our Head Location


In the previous example the red dot was pointed at the location of where I want to place my image. In the above example that head location is portrayed in the Job Control software. This makes it easier to find my image location on my glass.

Select the Trotec Driver and Preferences


We need to select the Trotec Laser Driver (1) from the Print Menu. Click on the Preference button (2)

Place in The Page Size


We need to place in the page size. This page size is 10 thou bigger than the actual image we are sending to the laser because Corel only allows images to go to .005 thou of the edge of a page. Click on the OK button.

Reposition Your Image to the Center of the Page


Our next step is to isolate the page size to the image. We do this by selecting the Layout (1) tab. Next pick Reposition Images to (2). Pick Center of the Page (3). Click Print.

Select Options


Select Options from SETTINGS | OPTIONS (1).

Setup The Rotary Attachment


We need to select the rotary attachment (1) and let the driver know we are using the rotary attachment (2). I have placed in my diameter (3).

Drag Your Image to the Desktop


Go to the Jobs directory on the right side of the Job Control software. Select the image and while holding down the left mouse button drag out your image on the desktop. Note: If you want you can just double click on the image and it will go to the top left hand corner.

Place Our First Image


In the case of this example I want to measure from the top left corner (1) Now that the image is on the desktop we can place it in the proper location. I have measured out the location of the image on the wine glass in terms of left to right (top or bottom). It is at 21.56 inches. I can type this number in to the X field (2). The Y field will be 0 (3). My job moves to this location (4).

Duplicate the Job


Seeing I am going to need two images and they are going to be the same I can duplicate the first image. To duplicate the job go to Plate (1) | Duplicate Job (2).

Locate the Duplicated Image


We need to locate our second job. Before we place in our values let us look at how we arrived at them. My first image is located at the 0 position. My full circumference of my glass is 10 inches. My first image starts at 0 so thus my second image starts at 5. This is easy to figure out as I am placing in two jobs and one job has to be on the opposite side of the original. Thus it starts at the 5 inch point. To place my second image at the Y = 5 select the image. Next type in the Y value (1) which is 5. Next type in the X value which is the same as the first image’s X value which is 21.56. I am measuring from the top left corner (3) as per the red arrow and the same as I was with my first image.

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